• Bracelets
  • Earrings

    Either the perfect pair or the asymmetric earrings, which offset looks for a more street-wear style. Plated gold/silver, semi-precious stones. Avalaible in silver and more colors.

  • Necklaces
Asymmetric creole (Ø 3cm)
Asymmetric triangle
Symmetric creole (Ø 5cm) Virgin & stone
Symmetric tassel hoop (Ø 3cm)
Asymmetric creole (Ø 3cm) & Aylan
Asymmetric hoop rosace & stone
Spiral textured hoop (Ø 5cm)
Moon chain & hammered round
Asymmetric hoop horn & hammered connector
Asymmetric bee
Symmetric triangle & Virgin
Asymmetric hoop 2 sizes & Mother-of-pearl cross
Symmetric river stone Virgin
Asymmetric hoop 2 sizes & clover
Symmetric hoop & leaf
Reverse triangle & stone